the mac died

So I was offline since Friday. This time was a defective battery which shuts down the unit after 10 minutes of use. Of course all the things I needed to work on are stored in my mac. My life basically. So for 5 days the lifestyle changed. Back to pen and paper, back to thinking and writing, back to thinking creatively how to store all the new bits of stuff coming in. Back to teaching with just markers and paper and visualiser. It was refreshing for a while but now I really need my mac back.

Hope to get it tomorrow.

How does one cope with so many deadlines at once? Unless you really eat sleep think work, which I am almost doing. So why are there things still undone?

Apologies for the vent, I need to  get it out of the system and then move on.


5 thoughts on “the mac died”

  1. HELLO PATRICK!!! cheah and i were just talking about rg. WE MISS YOU! and your interestingly boring lessons X)

    dont worry pen and paper are good. really good. makes you think more! so your brain wont age. my math tutor says: “you must exercise your brain so you wont get dementia. but dont lose sleep over it(the question)”. =\ lame.

    h1 bio is killllling me. oh oh and there’s a physics tutor here that looks like another you. surprise surprise, everyone calls him patrick. and he gives that smile of yours that says “yeah right”.


    ya, inertia is a sin. totally. in the academic sense and everything work related, inertia is disaster – work snowballs so fast that you don’t realise the gravity of the situation until the deadlines are in your face.

    but mr lim! you can survive deadlines, since you’ve survived them before. (:

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