Journal Club

Went back school today to pack my stuff. Its good to see the top of my desk again. Coffee today was good. Just an hour by the trees, chilling out and chatting.

Headed down early to Bukit Timah for journal club meeting. The paper for discussion was on pollinator effectiveness on a Dipterocarp. Done by a Japanese group using microsatellites. It was good to just think and immerse yourself in a paper. Something which I wanted to do on a more regular basis. So I appreciate the chance when it comes. Talking to the researchers in the field and their experience in Pasor Malaysia or even in Singapore, the way they describe their plots and the familiarity with the plants there. It just sent a tightening sensation down my spine. I would dearly wish to reach their level too.
Had a nice walk alone at Hindhede park. Saw a nice flameback woodpecker perched on a dead palm leaf, pecking away at a line of ants crawling alongside. It did not seem to mind my presence and I managed to capture a few shots before it flitted away.

Dinner was great too. Seated with like minded people, time just seem to fly by and before you know it, you reluctantly got up and went our own ways. Hoping for another meeting like this.


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