New Year – New Mac (harddisk)

So first thing I did during the new year break was to finally clear up all the clutter in my harddisk. This poor workhorse has to deal with numerous photos, music, videos which recently left it gasping for air. For a few months I was running dangerously on 1 gig worth of free space. Just waiting for a straw to break the harddisk back.

So the first thing before I wipe out my drive was to check out otterman’s entries on Macs. Almost everything you need for mac backup. reinstall, free softwares, user experience, education is listed there. So I did my mail backups, document backups, music, contacts, calendar and pictures backup and even application backups.

In a mac, you can shift programmes files from one folder to another without running into a whole host of registry problems, file linking problems etc like a pc. So you do not need to clone a harddisk and yet still get your progams back.

Once the harddisk is formatted, OS X installed, I just had to drag everything I need back from my portable drive. So the process is utterly painless and after 2 hours I have a nice new harddisk free from clutter. Which I resolve to maintain for as long as possible.

So when I started safari, I realised that I forgot to backup my bookmarks. Yet still no pain, as there is delicious. Hail Web 2.0.

Happy New Year. New Mac new start.

Cheers all.


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