Seagrass Watch

Went for my first seagrass watch survey today. Managed to get a place in the Semakau transect and was off to West Coast Jetty for a nice long ride to Pulau Semakau.
It was really liberating to be out on a boat, feeling the sea breeze on your face, seeing the great expanse of sky above you and the waves frothing hurriedly behind the boat. I had forgotten how comfortable the whole thing could be.
We reached Semakau around five plus. The tide was going out and the boat could bring us no further. So off we went, over the boat and waded waist deep to the shore. The path we walked was covered with seagrass, long wavy Enhalus, lying lazily in the shallow water. Towards the beach, a stand of Rhizophora mangroves stood in neat rows. If I hadn’t known better, I would have thought that this was a pristine and untouched shore, instead of a landfill.
Daylight was fading, so we quickly got to work. 3 transect tapes were laid and I assisted in recording data for one 50 meter transect. There was no hurry in my movements, no rush, just taking in the sights and observing the rest of the team scurrying around laying their equipment. 2 hours passed quickly and we had to get back to the boat.
The boat was beached by the low tide, so we had to wait for the water to be deep enough for the engine to start. So I squatted at the side of the boat, soaking wet, a cream roll in my hand and enjoyed my best meal for the week. With the sea, a cool breeze and the clouds overhead.
This is bliss, sheer simple utter bliss.


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