Been on a coffee binge again. 3 cups, 2 in morning one in afternoon. Need these fixes to keep the mind alert and functioning. In this state where time seem to fly by, you feel like a week has passed when its only Tuesday and yet the minutes crawl by. You need time but you don’t have energy to use it.


3 thoughts on “Coffee”

  1. i know how THAT feeels…just that i don’t have as much access to coffee..i can’t run to the canteen fast enough in between lessons :s jiayou!

  2. hey patrick! i bet you’re stressed cos our batch is no longer in school for you to chat with and destress! hahaha :D

    p.s. i think i finally understand carbohydrates! and a bit of lipids too. i remember the phospholipid bilayer the most :D

  3. haha STOP DRINKING! and i agree with mandy! :D:D eh i need help with carbohydrates la! oh but take time to chill out and talk to people like me and mandy okay! haha take care!!

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