Bear with it

Tacky title I know. But hey good news. Amongst all flagship species, polar bears, Ursus maritimus, now have the ‘power’ to save the entire planet from warming up. Yes indeed. White House finally placed polar bears in its threatened species list, citing habitat loss as a main cause.

An excerpt of the Nature report:

Says Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne, the US Fish and Wildlife Service will spend a year evaluating the status of the polar bear. If it is listed as threatened, it will come under the protection of the US Endangered Species Act, which sets out recovery plans for endangered wildlife.

What does it mean? Actually sadly, nothing much. It is just an acknowledgement of the status of polar bears by the bush administration, something which other organizations, such as the IUCN, have been saying for some time. What is significant is that now this administration now willing to admit the possibility that the cause of habitat loss for the polar bears is caused by global warming.

It will be the day if the Endangered Species Act decreed that the US take definite steps to reduce carbon emissions and rectify the effects of global warming just to save the polar bear.

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