Boxing day

Now typing with my right hand intact and my left pinkie. Again boxing day 06 is another object lesson on mortality and how frail life can be.
Was helping cut postcards for rs project – Carbon and You. So was going through the pile till the last 2 cards when my left forefinger wandered too near the edge of the ruler and before I knew it I had cut of a small chunk of it off.
Rushed to the office for the first aid kit. Took out alcohol swab to compress. Bad choice. Now know where all my nerve endings are located and how my brain is responding to the all the stimuli.
Compression worked and now the plaster. Fortunately bleeding stopped and I was reminded of my beating heart each time the finger throbbed. Contemplated raising finger to air but was worried of lightning strike instead.
So ended the day’s drama. Otherwise I am well. Flu’s gone and mind is ready for the year ahead (I hope)



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