The cost of climate change

If the prediction of biodiversity loss, environmental damage is not enough a wakeup call. Perhaps dollars and cents will do.

Something from the Herald – ”

Al Gore to advise Gordon Brown on climate change

Another article from – Economy faces climate ‘calamity’

Here are some figures from the article –


£3.68 trillion – the total cost of tackling climate change per year unless drastic action is taken, according to the Stern report.
1% – how much of global gross domestic product (GDP) must be spent if climate change is to be tackled now.
200 million – the number of people who could become refugees after their homes are hit by drought or flood.
40 – the percentage of species that could become extinct due to climate change.
0.5% – the temperature increase across Africa in the past 100 years.
20% – Britain’s current target for reducing carbon emissions.
30% – the EU’s target for reducing carbon emissions by 2020 under proposals by Gordon Brown.
£10.6bn – the total amount the Stern report recommends should be spent on global research into carbon emissions.
1 in 6 – the number of people in the world whose drinking-water supply could be affected by climate change.


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