Planet Enters ‘Ecological Debt’

Now with the haze enshrouding us. It is good to look at some ecological problems in a global perspective.

Hence this BBC article “Planet Enters Ecological Debt” is worth a read.

Some exerpts of this BBC article:

“The authors said this year’s global ecological debt day meant that it would take the Earth 15 months to regenerate what was consumed this year.

“By living so far beyond our environmental means and running up ecological debts means we make two mistakes,” said Andrew Simms, Nef’s policy director.

“First, we deny millions globally who already lack access to sufficient land, food and clean water the chance to meet their needs. Secondly, we put the planet’s life support mechanisms in peril,” he added.

For further reading, the series of articles under this section: “Planet Under Pressure“, gives a good overview of the current situation our globe is facing.

Something from the introduction of this series:

BBC News Online’s Planet under Pressure series takes a detailed look at six areas where most experts agree that a crisis is brewing:

Food: An estimated 1 in 6 people suffer from hunger and malnutrition while attempts to grow food are damaging swathes of productive land.

Water: By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s people are likely to be living in areas of acute water stress.

Energy: Oil production could peak and supplies start to decline by 2010

Climate change: The world’s greatest environmental challenge, according to the UK prime minister Tony Blair, with increased storms, floods, drought and species losses predicted.

Biodiversity: Many scientists think the Earth is now entering its sixth great extinction phase.

Pollution: Hazardous chemicals are now found in the bodies of all new-born babies, and an estimated one in four people worldwide are exposed to unhealthy concentrations of air pollutants.

Let me end this post with a passage by Alex Kirby, BBC news online environment correspondent.

Living within the planet’s means need not condemn us to giving up what we now assume we need for a full life, just to sharing it.

The challenge we face is not about feeling guilty for our consumption or virtuous for being “green” – it is about the growing recognition that, as the human race, we stand or fall together.

Ingenuity and technology continue to offer hope of a better world. But they can promise only so much.

You do not need ingenuity and technology to save the roughly 30,000 under-fives who die daily from hunger or easily preventable diseases.

And facing up to the planet’s pressure points is about their survival, and ours.

Food for thought.


One thought on “Planet Enters ‘Ecological Debt’”

  1. Hi Mr. Lim! Just to be irrelevant. Guess who the new security general for the UN is? A South Korean! and check this out
    ‘The new UN secretary general designate, South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon, has urged the Security Council to adopt a ‘clear and strong’ resolution on sanctions against North Korea over its declared nuclear test.’ source :

    ALSO, The security council’unanimously’ decided on Ban Ki-Moon. The rest of the countries didn’t get to vote on it
    What happened to democracy? How can a fifteen member council decide what is good for an organisation that says ‘ UNITED NATIONS’especially when it comes to deciding on your chief.

    Something tells me that Ban Ki-Moon wouldn’t be there if there wasn’t tension amongst the western countries and North Korea. Just when you thought you could trust the UN to make an objective decision. There so many other things to be concerned about like the environment and this is the only thing these people harp on about!!


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