Had to take another cup of coffee prior to first block. But then things got better.
The day floated by with on very good lesson on GM food. Could feel everyone intent on finding out more, asking questions and considering all points of view of this sticky issue. Well hope to do a good round up tomorrow. If only every lesson is like this.

Then was the last minute frantic correction of the manuscript. Was so caught up in it that I actually heard the wrong bell and barged into the dance studio wondering where the team was. But managed to correct the last verse and also settle all other changes before the meeting though by then my mind is only 30% working. Of course had fun scaring the team during the vaccinations.

I now have inactivated typhoid, influenze and hep A swimming around in my blood. Both arms are sore. That means I might not be joining the interhouse closing activities.

Had a good walk in Orchard helping with the Horticulture options. Hmm shall try to have more classes like this.

Need more sleep. But then still some more stuff to clear. Maybe Sunday. After the guiding session at Lower Pierce this Sat. Hope to see the banded leaf monkey.

Now that will be great.


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