Nursery is finally taking shape

After thesis, another thing which I have been worrying is the state of the nursery. Many of the seedlings have spent to about 11 months cramped in bottles lacking in proper drainage and compacted soil. They need transplanting. The nursery also badly needed cleaning up, something which is difficult just by myself.

So I am very glad for the new team of students who so enthusiatically signed up for the reforestation project and turned up this shady Saturday morning and proceeded to transplant over 40 seedlings into proper planting bags. Not minding having soil and mud on their shoes and uniform, they caught slugs, picked up litter, cleared away old containers and swept up the dead leaves, leaving in their wake all the plants merrily transplanted and a sparkling clean nursery. So despite recovering from fever, it was a really good Saturday morning spent.

Lets hope this team will continue their good attitude. There is still along way to go.


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