Back from Rinjani. It was really an eventful trip. I was very glad to once again to accompany odac for their yearly trek. This time round the mountain we scaled was a 3700m live volcano. The terrain was different, the soil was crumbly and dusty, the river beds, dry during June, was filled with black dust and pebbles. If you look at them closely, you’ll see shiny specks of mineral catching the light, much like small diamond fragments. The trek up to crater rim base camp was fun, filled with jokes and laughter. Walking under the clear blue sky, enjoying the silent tranquil air and savoring the feeling of walking amongst the clouds was really one experience I will not forget.

We hit base camp at crater rim and prepared for summit push at 2am. It was then I had the most trying experience. Was down with food poisoning and fever halfway up the trek. The pain in the stomach made walking difficult. Under the cold wind, I gradually lost strength. Every step up was a great exertion. As I sat down to recover my breath, it was really disheartening to see the rest of the team slowly pulling away and getting closer to the summit. Try as I might, I seem rooted to the same spot.

The mind start to play tricks when one is at his limit. You take longer breaks, you start telling yourself that this slope is good enough, there is no need to go to the summit. You should conserve energy for the journey back.

Saw my friend heading down towards me. It was when I got up and started climbing again. After a few laborious steps I had to sit down again. A hand reached out and started pulling me up. In the effort not to tire my friend further, I started to make my way up again. Bearing the pain, willing my limbs to move.

It is amazing how having someone beside you can push you further. Sometimes in our lives, we need this push from someone else, then we can accomplish things we would not have imagined doing alone.

This climb is something like this.

Photos next time.


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