Submission of manuscipt seemed eons ago. The feeling of exhilaration as you walked out of the student affairs office was sweet. Went for a coffee at the local cafeteria. Took out my powerbook for a quick viewing of email and messages, feeling strange that I do not have to open up my manuscript document for editing, now the possibilities are endless. All the things which I have postponed and delayed in view of my masters project can finally be back on track.

Main focus now is on overseas service learning. A few things to get in order and started. Cambodia is a harsh beautiful and simplistic place. It’ll be a challenge for the team in Novemeber. But I think we will be able to get things going.

Still have about 1 week left from the break, where I need to clear a fair bit of work. But should be able to do it. So far I am luxuriating in the process of being able to enjoy my morning cup of coffee in the relative quiet of my house. Everyone is gone, the city is just waking up to another day and my only link to the rest of the world is my mac and the radio in the background. And of course the air permeated by the nice smell of coffee.

Sometimes you really don’t need to go to far off places to get away, just need to create a space for yourself. Think I am going to turn into a hermit. This is just too enjoyable.

Going off to Gunung Rinjani next week. It lies along the Wallace’s Line, this abrupt and inexplicable split between the asian and australian flora and fauna. Lombok lies on the eastern side of the line. Which means we will be experiencing australian flora on the island. As far as I can know now, the most exotic will be the edelweiss or bunga abadi with the locals. It will be an exciting trip and a good way to start the second half of the year.


2 thoughts on “break”

  1. YO MR LIM!!

    muahaha im back from wales! how was cambodia? must exchange notes and photos. we learnt about slatmarsh! then our tutor talked about how it’s the equivalent of mangroves in spore. she showed us a pic of “a mangrove seed.” then i subconsciously said it’s called a hypocotyl, and she was impressed! :D:D (see im learning!)

    you forgot 1 impt thing, you’re climbing rinjani with ODAC, and i wonder who the close friend that is getting married is…HMM :P

    ok talk to you another time! are you coming on packing day? i bought chocs for u all!

  2. hey hey!
    well, turning into a hermit isn’t so bad..i’m relishing in the joys of not going anywhere but just creating some space at home…

    hope you’re doing some point, we will have a cuppa together:)

    take care!


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