Ten Tall Oak Trees – Richard Edwards

Heard this poem presented during Earth Day presentation. Was very moved.

Ten tall oak trees
Standing in a line,
‘Warships’ cried king Henry,
Then there were nine.

Nine tall oak trees
Growing strong and strait,
‘Charcoal’ breathed the furnace,
Then there were eight.

Eight tall oak trees
Reaching towards heaven,
‘Sizzle’ spoke the lightening,
Then there were seven.

Seven tall oak trees
Branches leaves and sticks,
‘Firewood’ smiled the merchant,
Then there were six.

Six tall oak trees
Glad to be alive,
‘Barrels’ boomed the brewery,
Then there were five.

Five tall oak trees
Suddenly a roar,
‘Gangway’ screamed the bypass,
Then there were four.

Four tall oak trees
Sighing like the sea,
‘Floorboards’ beamed the builder,
Then there were Three.

Three tall oak trees
Groaning as trees do,
‘Unsafe’ claimed the council,
Then there were two.

Two tall oak trees
Spreading in the sun,
‘Progress’ snarled the bypass,
Then there was one.

One tall oak tree
Wishing it could run,
‘Nuisance’ grumped the farmer,
Then there was none.

No tall oak trees,
Search the fields in vain,
Only empty skylines,
And the cold, grey, rain.


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