New Mammal Found In Borneo

A new species of mammal, resembling the lemurs, was spotted by biologist Stephan Wulffraat’s team at the Kayan Mentarang National Park.

A novel discovery of a higher order animal, at this time and age where habitats are fast disappearing, is certainly exciting news.
Dr Isaac, from the Institute of Zoology in London, commented that the new mammal is most likely to be a viverrid, the family which includes the mongoose and the civets. As to why such a mammal is not spotted till now, two reasons were offered; one is that the mammal may spend a part of its time amongst the trees, which makes it difficult to spot. The other more troubling explanation could be the greater accessibility to the heart of the forest due to more development and road building. I propose another reason, which is the use of high-tech image capturing devices such as infra-red activated camera traps together with more intensive study of certain locations which lead to the mammal’s discovery.

‘New Mammal’ seen in Borneo Woods by BBC correspondent Richard Black.


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