Fallen leaves

Went down to Bukit Timah for another foray to collect Dipterocarp fruits. The sense of urgency is greater now that we noticed that less and less fruits are found, signalling the end of the masting season. Ha another deadline on my list. So after school, my boss and I with a student volunteer took a taxi down to the reserve. We wasted no time in entering the forest and collect as many seedlings as we can.

As we walked past Kruing path, near the big Shorea curtisii, an amazing sight greeted us. The ground was covered with fallen leaves. Leaves of light green, greenish brown, pale yellow carpeted the forest floor. For a moment, Autumn has decided to drop by for a brief visit and left this amazing tapestry.

The picture posted did no justice to the beauty of the moment. But for a while, all my deadlines, stress was just ‘absorbed’ by the tranquility of the moment.


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