“Stuck in the Mud”

Its been a very fulfilling 2 weeks. Well not writing wise, but everything else. After a good trip down to Sungei Buloh with my students (I must really commend them for their enthusiasm) we managed to plant 90 seedlings (R. apiculata) and tagged them successfully for future monitoring. The students (Ada, Zhongning and Amanda) gamely gave their heart and all their energy in taking care that the seedlings were planted properly and mapped out the three plots we set up.

It was really an indescribable feeling at the end of the day seeing the seedlings standing out there in the mud, now finally having a better chance of maturing into full grown mangrove trees. Went back again yesterday for an ICCS recce to survey the cleanup sites. The seedlings are still doing fine, just reappearing from their submersion from the high tide.

The three brave ladies have set up a blog to document their experience in the mangroves, the blog aptly named Stuck in the mud. Just ignore those bits where they complained about how I gave them a hard time.


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